DeDestruct And Other Kinds of Awesomeness

Lately I have been extremely busy and haven’t had time to post much. One thing I do want to tell you guys is to check out DeDestruct, it’s one of the more recent blogs I have been working on. Lately I haven’t been able to post there either so I have been trying to do a lot of SEO/SMO stuff for it just so I can still help out. What we do is answer user submitted questions about CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML and some other AWESOME stuff. Ya, awesome, I said it.

There have been some very successful posts lately on the site too like The Krushers Cross Browser Transparency with PNG and Ayush’s Digital Image Protection and Copyright post. Be on the lookout for some more great posts on DeDestruct and if you like it subscribe to the RSS feed.

Also on another side note my Image Sprite Navigation with CSS tutorial made Vandelay’s list called 45 Photoshop Tutorials for Better Navigation, check it out!

24 thoughts on “DeDestruct And Other Kinds of Awesomeness

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