Mac OS X Leopard Ships October 26th

Yep, it’s true. The new Mac OS that has been pushed back more than once finally has a date on it. There has been a lot of talk about the new features coming out on the new OS. I myself have been looking forward to the new and improved Boot Camp, creating stacks on my dock, an improved finder and also Quick Look. Apple has created an organized list with all 300+ new features being released on their site, take a look through them. You’ll be suprised how many new ones you’ll be interested, i was.

13 thoughts on “Mac OS X Leopard Ships October 26th

  1. I was expecting the latest news and trending one Mac OS X release but noticed you havent updated your blog recently :(

    Waiting for your views and ideas about the new Mac OS X Lion.

  2. yeah apple comes up always like this and we people are always waiting for some thing new and excited and this time it was really great.I like having the same features as Linux was about to give us in Mac.

  3. I’ve heard some news from one of my friends working on Microsoft that, Viruses and Malware are Microsoft’s black market plan to force their customers to upgrade. I’m not sure if it is true.

    “Yuri” for salle de bain zen 

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